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Barcelona First team squad 2019/2020

Barcelona Titles 

Have you ever heard of a team that wins a local duo in the presence of an opponent like Real Madrid, while their fans live anxiety rather than joy? Welcome to Barcelona, ​​where the player is hired first and then think about where he will play, no matter how long the answer will reveal itself.

For example, Felipe Coutinho, although the features of his presence in the middle began to unfold gradually in the last meeting of the Spanish Super, apart from his rise to the wing again at the end of the game, which in itself is a positive shift after playing by Mr. Ernesto on the wing 4-4-2 Last season, however, nothing is certain yet, except that he is not Andres Iniesta and does not look like him at all.

You can’t come with a player and ask him to perform completely different roles in nature and physical effort.Either you hire a similar player or adjust your system to allow the introduction of a new player.This may be an axiom of the ball, but the Blaugrana administration hasn’t got news yet. Since the departure of Pep Guardiola and so far, the Barcelona system has undergone many “patching” operations to the full blast by Valverde last season, does this summer market produce a new strong system or continue to fill the wall gaps with torn socks?

Starting from the time that Barcelona jumped on the plane of the Roma deal literally, all those days have passed and it is still unclear when the winger deal turned from Willian to Malcolm, and what kind of wing was chased by the Barça administration, the age gap between the players is 9 Years, and the most common common denominator is nationality.

We do not have a clear answer to this question, but Malcolm is a very good deal as a young wing that supports your second row. It is true that 41 million euros is a very large number when it comes to backing up reserve seats, which leads us to the possibility of compromising in Osman Dembele, another young wing that paid 105. Million euros to bring him without getting him nothing but a few individual profiles so far.

And to a similarly less blatant process, of course, Chilean Arturo Vidal moved from Inter Milan to Catalonia, the physical midfielder who is said to have said that Valverde wanted Paulinho on the basis of it. In the deals you make, not because we believe them, but because it may be easier to dismantle if we exclude from him a slight anomaly like this, what is the disadvantage of people who have no idea about football in the deals of the first team football?

You might have reservations about Vidal’s particular deal, such as his 31-year-old age, and that if he came early it would have been better, as if Bayern would have wasted him any earlier. But the utterly unreasonable reservation is that Paulinho is new, both of whom share a physical midfielder, but not a footballer at all!

Vidal may have been confined to a stereotype of being a strong physically and defensive player, but he has the basic qualities of a midfielder and is very efficient.However, his touch does not match the beauty of Paulinho’s first touch, nothing really matches Paulinho’s first touch. In general, it is a very remarkable technical step compared to what was happening, apart from any mysterious future investment conditions such as those that brought Paulinho and left him the following year.

Much of the credit is due to Chelsea’s adherence to Willian, but with the exception of Vidal, the Bluegrana have made outstanding signings of age, Malcolm (21), Arthur (22) and Clement Longley (23). For those who are fed up with Vermaelen glass or what Jerry Mina does whatever it is called.

The young defender made a single mistake in the Super match by moving towards Moriel and Pique and leaving Sarabia completely empty, but what Longley feared had already happened. Pique, who was one of the best defenders in the world almost no longer trusts, a problem that in turn could put great burdens on the French newcomer. , Whether he has to play next to him or play at his expense, is an option that is not excluded in light of the frightening descending curve of the Spanish defender.

As for Arthur, he is – on paper – the coolest deals this summer, not only for this season, but for a great future awaits, he is one of those who find the smell of Barcelona ball, and when we say Barcelona ball it is clear to any ball symbolize that we absolutely do not mean the current “realism” . A player who can fill the three midfields, precise pass, excellent visibility and good reception under pressure, intelligent in defensive interventions and in almost every aspect, one of those players who use their minds more than their legs as seen and favored by Barcelona midfielder Xavi Hernandez.

Of course, his future is not necessarily clear in Valverde’s scorecard. In the Super League he started to the center-left with Busquets and Ravenya, and at other times he is expected to be Busquets’ turn, either by rotating the center with him or by eliminating him as the voices rise. Catalan club from time to time. But in any case, wherever you join him will play and is expected to give you what you want.

goodbye Stranger..
Your stay was short but it was a dire one! If Barcelona did nothing in the summer but your departure is enough .. The face of those who want the names of the late will find more or less acceptable, Paulinho, André Gomez, Jerry Mina, Lucas Dini, Gerard Delovio, the only loss that is difficult to accept even by age is the departure of Iniesta, As for the rest, they are not all that bad, just that was not their right place for one reason or another.

For example, Gomez was a great player in central Valencia, but for some reason he left his mind at the Mestalla. Denny is a good back, but he doesn’t have enough quality for this level. Delofeo is a good wing, but he is not comparable to Neymar who was forced to succeed him suddenly

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