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Baseball, or “base game”, is the national game in the United States, which represents the national sport despite all the other American sports and this game is popular among the people there, and this game is similar to cricket and depends mainly on the use of racket and ball.

History of baseball

The game is said to have started in England, where the first baseball game was reported to have taken place in 1749 in the county of Surrey. A description of this game appeared in a magazine in 1744, where the magazine talked about the description of stadiums.

It is believed that English immigrants were the first to bring the game model to North America. In 1791, the first known baseball center in America was Pittsfield, Massachusetts. In 1845, laws of the game were codified at the Knickerbocker Club in New York City. Knickerbocker reportedly held its first official game in 1845. It was later known as the first officially recorded game in US history.

Terms of the game

There is no limit to the game of baseball. It ends when players finish the nine-stroke limit. The stadium consists of four basic rules, and players must run between those rules to score points, but the players are required to trample on the rules while they are running.

The game starts with the team chosen by the draw either the team chooses to throw the ball or hit. The team that chose to throw the ball is distributed on the pitch, trying to return the ball after hitting it as soon as possible to stop the player who hit one of the rules of the stadium. The main task of the shooter is to try to take out the player with his hand through three consecutive shots in the middle of the box in the mask worn by the referee, called successful hit strike.

When a batsman tries to hit the ball but cannot hit it, and if it is not in the same direction, it is considered a strike. If the shooter fails to pay his shots and after four attempts have been exhausted, this makes the batsman walk automatically to the first rule, followed by another player from the same team to continue playing, and if this situation is repeated, the second player walks to the first rule and the player in the first rule advances to the second rule Players continue this way.

When the ball that hit the bat goes up in the air, one of the players of the bowler should try to grab it. If it happens, the player who hit the ball comes out of the game and a substitute player comes to start again. When the ball hits the ground, the striker starts running to pass the maximum number of rules, before the opposing team tries to return the ball to the nearest players to stop the progress of the other team and pass the rules.

The exit of the ball hit the boundaries of the stadium called home run, which means that the striker will spin on all the rules without trying to stop him from the other team, and scores a point for his team on arrival. A strike outside the pitch with a teammate, two or three in the rules means that the points awarded will be equal to the number of players who exceed the throw. If the player hits the ball off the field and there are colleagues standing on each of the other three bases in addition to him, this strike is called grand slam and then the team gets four points.

The striking team will continue to play if the bowler team can take out three players by the above, but if the bowler team out three players turn the bowler team to the thumper and vice versa. When 3 players are exited from each team as mentioned above, a run is counted. The length of each half depends on the luck of both the bowler and the hitman, it is possible not to exceed ten minutes and can extend for more than an hour. The win is claimed by the team that managed to collect the most points in nine runs.

Quick Info

Over the past century, the game has faced many charges, such as gambling, promoting racism, and promoting drugs, yet it is very popular in the United States. Baseball is popular in other countries such as Canada, Venezuela, Korea, Puerto Rico, Japan, Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

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