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The history of some types of sports to ancient times, and over time, these sports have become a global sports for its players and its public as well as its own laws and rules and management work to organize and identify competitions and tournaments Today, what is called hockey, what is hockey? And what kinds?

Definition of hockey

Hockey is a unique sport based on the presence of players and a small disk in addition to the hockey stick, and when you mention the word hockey we refer to two types, first ice hockey and second field hockey and the following explanation of both:

Ice Hockey Ice hockey is played between two competing teams on a flat ice ground using a small disc not exceeding 76.2 mm in diameter. This disc is called a rubber disc. Ice hockey is widely distributed in both European and North American countries. Hockey is popular in Slovakia, Finland, Canada and other countries.

Field hockey In the field hockey there is no ice there, but there is a playground with gravel or natural grass or artificial grass and this type of sport hockey is widespread around the world, especially Asian countries and European and South Africa.

Principles of Hockey

The field of hockey is based on several principles and principles of the most important: The game consists of two teams located inside the ground. Each team consists of 6 players and a referee. Speed ​​and power are the requirements of hockey. The referee can suspend the player for a period of 5-10 minutes, depending on the player’s violation. Goals are calculated when the disc is inserted into the opponent’s goal.

Other forms of hockey

There are many types that can be practiced hockey and the following will introduce some of those types of sport hockey and the most famous: beach hockey. Ground hockey. Air hockey. Hockey ball. Table hockey. Underwater hockey and many other species.

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