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Champions League

Champions League is an annual football competition dedicated to clubs, and this competition is the most prominent in Europe in terms of participation and the most prominent in the world after the World Cup in terms of follow-up, this competition has gone through two phases since its inception in 1955 was called the European Cup and by 1992 changed the name To become a Champions League, some laws have been changed regarding the number of clubs involved and the way the competition is being conducted.

The number of clubs participating in the Champions League and the method of selection

 Thirty-two clubs from different European leagues participate in the Champions League and are selected based on several factors. At first, the strongest clubs in Europe are selected, by identifying the strongest European leagues based on their performance in the Champions League, and then the top three.

For example, if Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid finish in the top three, they will qualify directly for the Champions League. Another way of choosing less powerful clubs than mentioned is by having a preliminary and qualified Champions League, and often participating in the preliminary rounds are clubs from weak leagues such as the Portuguese, Turkish and others.

The way the Champions League is conducted

The Champions League begins with the start of the season in Europe and the competition for the tournament continues throughout the season until the end, where the final takes place in a neutral stadium pre-determined by UEFA. The clubs are divided into eight groups so that each group includes 4 clubs. All clubs in the same group face a return leg, meaning that each club plays with the other three clubs two games, one at home and the other on the opponent’s ground.

After this round, the first and second places qualify so that 16 clubs remain. The draw for the round of 16 will take place so that the first group will face the other second group, the opponents will meet in two rounds and the result of the two matches will be calculated to determine the winner.

After the end of the round of 16 will remain eight clubs and begin a new round called the quarter-finals, during this round a new draw to determine the clubs that will face some of them. The quarter-finals take place and the round of 16 has taken place so that each club will meet in two rounds of matches and determine the winner from the aggregate results. Four clubs remain in the semi-finals after the quarter-finals, and a new draw is made to determine which clubs will face each other.

The semi-finals are the same as the quarter-finals. In the end, two clubs will face each other in a single match to determine the champion of the competition, as mentioned earlier this game takes place on a neutral stadium to be determined by the UEFA in advance.

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