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UFC lightweight champion UFC superstar Habib Nurmagomedov commented on the recent scandal of his teammate Connor McGregor in which he punched an elderly man in a pub in Ireland.

Habib told TMZ that what Connor did was outrageous. He could never punch an old man in his face, suggesting that older people should be respected.

The UFC champion: Connor lost his mind even though he did a lot of good things in the sport of mixed martial arts.

Habib demanded that Connor be imprisoned, stressing that such persons must be imprisoned in order to learn from their actions.

The Russian fighter appealed to the Irish authorities to immediately arrest Connor

The fighter of the Union of Mixed Martial Arts (UFC), the Irish star Connor McGregor has returned to his madness and series of scandals exciting again after TMZ revealed a new incident was the hero.

TMZ said the incident occurred when Connor was in a pub in Dublin, the capital of Ireland.

Connor quarreled with an old man sitting at a bar in a bar and punched him oddly after an argument.

TMZ asserted that this incident was a great secret by the security authorities in Ireland as the date of its occurrence was in April.

Connor was criticized by the public as soon as TMZ published the video you are watching below.

Mixed martial arts fans await the upcoming UFC241 performance by the UFC Mixed Martial Arts Federation on Sunday, August 18 at the Honda Center Hall.

The show includes a number of firefights, but the most prominent are:

  • Face the main event that will bring current heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier to the title against top seed Stipe Mucic.

The world celebrates the International Day of Left-Handed, or those who rely on their left rather than the right hands, on August 13th.

The day was celebrated by the UFC and each left-handed participant on the day of its celebration.

The Union posted a video on its official Twitter account of the most powerful and deadly blows that took place on the UFC circuit with the left hand.

The celebration is designed to encourage left-handed people to feel no difference in their lives.

Numerous studies have shown that left-handed people have higher intelligence, personal skill and ability to concentrate than those who use their right hands more than the left.

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