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Football AKA Soccer is the most known sports game in the world and the favorite outdoor game for 90% of people.

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Football is one of the most popular sports games among young people around the world.It is often found to play football in different neighborhoods, squares and stadiums. Competitions for this game are held at the local, national and international levels. Football competitions, especially the international ones, have a high view rate due to the intense competition between the teams. According to FIFA figures in 2006, 265 million players and players are still increasing day by day, which indicates that the round witch is the most popular game and the most widespread follow-up and practice in the history of all sports that the world has known

The beginning of football

 Football has a very ancient history that dates back to the second and third centuries AD, where it was known in China as Tsu Shu as its first start in human life; evidence suggests that it was a military training at the time; Bamboo sticks, the ball they play filled with hair and feathers, and football also appeared in Japan as Kerami, which has been played until now in its original form in Japanese culture, and this game was played in circular rings in which players gather and pass the ball between them without touching In 1300, football appeared in England, where players were playing with a bladder made of animal bladder. In the midst of its war with Scotland at the time.

 The round witch continued to spread its charm in various social circles in England quickly and significantly, and football games in 1800 was very violent, where it was like a boxing or wrestling; because of the beatings and punching between the players; Their money in the event of winning or losing against other teams in football matches, which sometimes included 1000 players, but when the highway law was passed in 1830, which stipulates that those who play football on the main roads and highways will be fined a sum of money; Violence Slightly in football, football then became the sport of everyone in the various social classes of British society at the time, and then became the most popular game in schools in the 18th century.

 In 1863, football broke away from rugby. The first football association in the world, the English Football Federation, was founded. In the late 19th century, under World War I, football was no longer the exclusive domain of men. Despite the ban on football due to political conditions at the time, after the 1971 FA ban was lifted, women's football continued to spread throughout the world.

 In 1904, after the great spread of football around the world, the presence of an international official body concerned with the affairs of this game became necessary. The basic laws of football and the foundations for their future development, and after the establishment of FIFA, the game became more organized and widespread and famous worldwide, and football has become a source of learning the spirit of sports and morality among players and fans; however, it remains one of the most ethical, sporting and tolerant sports around the world, perhaps the biggest example being the hosting of the 2010 World Cup by South Africa, which was once eliminated from apartheid. Becoming the first African country to host the World Cup in history.